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Customer Reviews

“At a price of $6.39/lb it really is a great deal. It surpasses the one at Whole Foods. And certainly Mixt Greens.

You will be very happy you went for lunch. Check it out.”

-Scott P.

“Nice! Didn’t realize this was here. I had this apple pork chop with veggies and mashed potatoes, all for under $9! Out of all my lunch companions, I think I had the best meal =)

I’d definitely come back – their specials seem pretty good.”

-Liz L.

“I love Fountain Cafe. The staff is really helpful and nice. I order food from Fountain all the time. They have great BLT’s, Chicken Salad Sandwiches, Breakfast, etc. They participate in the Galleria Frequent buyer stamp program. Problem is prices are very cheap that i’m always below $6.00 to even get a stamp. LOVE IT.”

-Jeanine D.

“Loooove fountain!! The employees are super friendly and remember your name, the turkey burgers and tuna melts are awsome, meatloaf and tuna casserole make me cry tears of joy…hells yeah I’ll be back!!”

-Rena H.

“This place is great, the foold is great and it’s super close to work. I order the philly cheesesteak a lot because it’s only $6. Oh, and salisbury steak Monday or Tuesday.”

-Camy X.

Rave Reviews from our Catering Customers

I would like to say “Thank You” to Hari and the team at the Fountain Café for going beyond expectations. We constantly receive excellent customer service. I have ordered from the Fountain Café for the past three years. They have a large selection and everything is fresh. Orders always arrive on time and the food is set up in our rooms, so I can just sit back and enjoy.

Barbara McCauley

San Francisco Bay Region

Learning and Sales Development

Thank you so much for the great service!

Over the past ten years, Fountain Café has consistently given us wonderful

service. Rush lunch orders and rush additions to current orders have never

been a problem. Our orders arrive on time and the product quality is


Your staff is friendly, courteous and professional.

We look forward to continuing a great working relationship.

Best Regards,

Stephanie B. Ceniglio


San Francisco Regional Office

One Montgomery Street